HIMALAYA & origins of Yoga

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HIMALAYA & origins of Yoga

HIMALAYA & origins of Yoga

This summer i was blessed to walk on the sacred land of India again.
As I was diving deeper in the meditation and study of the Guru Gayatri Mantra: Gobinday Mukanday….i felt the calling of the mighty Himalayas and specifically Lake Lokpal (hemkunt Sahib)
This place is where this mantra emerged from the akash through the profound contemplation of Rishi Dusht Daman, the previous incarnation of Guru Gobind Singh.
With my brother in divine Dyaljeet singh we travelled to the source of the legendary rivers: Yamuna, Ganga and Alaknanda which are said to relate to the three main channels of the energy body: ida, pingala and sushumna.
We were astonished by the beauty of the mountains and realized how much the Sanatana dharma is actually connected to the land and natural phenomenon. The temples are built were nature is expressing itself in its most amazing features: hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers….
What sometimes became a very sophisticated way of worship is taking roots in the very simple human urge to give thanks to the source of life: the mountains, the ice and the forests from which the rivers emerge and feed the land
As we were there during the monsoon, the land was greener than green and the rivers were extremely powerful. So much that people died from floods few days before we arrived on certain sites… 
We could feel the wisdom of those mountains pouring the land of mama India through these multiple streams.
Those sacred sites resonate with the energy pathways of the subtle body. Where many people debate about the historical origin of Yoga, simply walking in the Himalayas makes it very obvious: the yogic wisdom come from these picks where earth and sky meet.
The encounter of this mighty rocks and the clouds create the tantric field from which humans have access directly to the knowledge contained in the akashic field.
When we walked up to Hemkunt sahib, our eyes were overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding nature. Our ears started to hear the sound of shabad kirtan coming from the gurdwara on top of the mountain. We have been initiated along the way by the delicate blue poppy flower which deepened our capacity to listen. 
This mountain looks like a giant Shiva lingam continuously cooled by the water from the clouds and the lake is a pool of divine nectar.
Diving in it is like bathing in pure light, the extasy was penetrating every cell of our being, like a kiss from the mountain.

I recommend this yatra for every serious student of this Dharma. I pray that every student of this path have a chance in this lifetime to understand deeply from the inner self and not from the head what golden chain actually means ….
In front of the Himalayas, we realized how small we are as humans and the beauty of this smallness as it becomes the door to feel and experience the immensity of Naam.

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