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Deep Listening Therapy:

  • Bring awareness to your unconscious patterns
  • Transformation of cellular memories through speech and/or deep listening
  • Find one’s axis and a free flow of energy
  • Developing intuition: clairaudience, clear sentience, clairvoyance

The Best is to meet  regularly (2 to 3 times a month) to go deeper in the subconscious but one  session already bears fruit if the subject of our work has been  well chosen and is precise enough.

There are two possibilities:

1 – Face to face: Darpan Kriya -45 min-

We are face to face or by phone. First we decide together a specific field of exploration according to your priorities and what resonates the most. Then, we listen to what your body gives as information through sensation, you will navigate in your sensitive space. I will guide you by contemplating the process and describe the movements of the energy in your field.

I always work from the direct intuitive perception of the moment . Never from fixed protocols. One to one session are always unique and specific.

At the end of the session I might propose a simple daily practice to stabilize and nourish the new momentum.

2 – Lying down in relaxation: Sat Nam Rasayan -45 min-

In this configuration, you are not pro-active, you are simply lying down and I meditate next to you or at a distance. For people who have recurring physical symptoms, who don’t have a meditation practice and don’t necessarily wish to learn it. The effects are the same as Darpan Kriya only the procedure is different.


Between 70 and 110 euros – Paypal

You can determine the price in this scale taking into account several elements: the quality of what you have received, the time spent, the market price for a similar service, your resources, your intuition.

It is a way of bringing more awareness of the financial flows and the energy behind them.


By appointment in Paris or Zoom/ WhatsApp