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  • Bring awareness to your unconscious patterns
  • Transformation of cellular memories
  • Find one’s axis, energetic signature and inner vitality
  • Developing your intuition

The best is to meet  regularly (2  times a month) to go deeper in the subconscious but one  session already bears fruit if the focus of our work has been  well chosen and is precise enough.

I work through the space of SHUNYA, the contemplative awareness also called meditative mind. This type of yogic healing is called Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR). We are face to face or by phone.

There are 3 options :

1 – SNR HEALING SESSION – 30 min- 72 €

You send me a mail or sms explaining the symptoms and the theme you want to work on. Eventually we can talk very briefly. Then i practice distant healing for 20 / 25 minutes. You just need to be relaxed when we have the session, not driving or anything like that. At the end I will send you a text with my observations.

This kind of session is adapted:

  • when you know exactly what to work on
  • if you don’t need general coaching but only specific healing
  • you need holistic support for the treatment of a disease
  • as a follow up session

2 – HOLISTIC COACHING including SNR Healing – 45 min to 1 h 15 min- 108 €

We talk about the different aspects of your life and what you want to work on. We decide together what will be the main focus of our session. We select a specific domain of exploration according to your priorities and what resonates the most in your energy structure.

Then, i will practice Sat Nam Rasayan and heal the subconscious dynamic that creates the blocks we chose to focus on. Sometimes we talk through the process and use also the word as a healing device, sometimes it will be silent.

I always work from the direct intuitive perception of the moment, never from fixed protocols. The sessions are always unique and specific.

At the end, we will share about the process. I will offer guidance about the topic and might propose a simple daily practice to stabilize and nourish the new momentum.

3 – DEEP HEALING PROGRAM : 3 SESSIONS – 252 € instead of 288 € 

In this process, you will get:

  • one Holistic Coaching session
  • one sat nam rasayan session
  • a second holistic coaching session

There will be around two weeks between each session.This program allows to go deeper as your psyche will be in a continuous healing modality . A simple yoga practice will be given at the end of the first session to sustain the process.

This is for you if :

  • you want to uproot deeper issues
  • you are in a process of starting a new phase or project in your life
  • you need consistent support and guidance through a difficult situation


 72 , 108 or  252 €  – Paypal

You really feel the call for a healing session or program but cannot afford this price ?

Please send me a message and we will try to find a solution together .


By appointment or WhatsApp