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2+0+2+4 = 8,
This year we have a collective integration of the teachings of the 8 th body : the Pranic body
here are some of the qualities that a strong and balanced Pranic body can give us :
  • Feeling vibrant and energetic
  • Good Resistance to stress and diseases
  • Capacity to rejuvenate and heal easily
  • Deep sleep
  • Being more aware of our needs and the quality of energy required.
  • The material plane and the spiritual plane are balanced
  • Welcoming the flow of abundance and prosperity
  • Enjoying a better connexion with the plant kingdom
We will meditate on the  Pranic body through a deep study of the guru gayatri mantra.
« Guru Gayatri gives you mastery of the Pranic body » GuruDev 
This year we will focus on the first 2 words of this powerful mantra
Gobinday & Mukanday 
We will study their relation with the flow of prana in our body and their connexion with the first phases of human life : pregnancy , childhood and teenage years.
This will help us heal deep subconscious wounds and recover some of the precious prana that was  depleted in our formative years.
We will balance the mother and father archetype within our psyche to take full responsibility of our lives and enjoy true prosperity : a life aligned with the inflow of the Great Spirit !
This course will give us a refined understanding of the flow of prana within ourselves and its manifestations in our surroundings.
It is a path to enhanced vitality and prosperity on all levels


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