Opening up to sacredness

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Opening up to sacredness

“Enrich yourself with sacredness and opportunity will come to you from every corner” – Yogi Bhajan

Our physical body, the densest body, is our gateway to the subtle body, our most delicate self. It is always communicating with us and opening the door for us, but we don’t listen because we are distracted. Accepting to open the door to the sacred is admitting that I live in a body.

Living fully in this body is a challenge because it means recognising its impermanence, it is frightening, afraid of losing, afraid of being powerless, afraid of dying… We therefore prefer to live in the mental sphere because we control everything there. This strategy reassures us but it also takes us away from the magic of life. This is the price to pay… Evolving in life without its magic is like having a house without a roof, something essential is missing and it’s stressful! Thus, our modern society is full of people for whom everything is apparently fine but who are anxious…

Survival, instead of being placed on the physical body, is projected on the spiritual body and then it becomes very difficult to manage because there is nothing concrete to apprehend it. The anxious person is afraid for no particular reason, it is a diffuse feeling of fear which has no particular object to relate to. This anxiety is the cry of the soul, the cry of renouncing the illusion of security and all the strategies for avoiding suffering. It is a call to embrace our creature nature, to accept this body, its limits, its apparent imperfection and the fear of losing it one day.

This fear, guardian of the threshold, gives life its true value. Only those who are alert and brave pass through this door and discover the treasure that lies on the other side. Remember Indiana Jones in the last crusade when he crossed the precipice, just before the Grail 🙂 In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga this is called the sense of sacrifice, the sixth step towards happiness.

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