Kundalini Yoga Training with AJAI ALAI AWAKENING

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Kundalini Yoga Training with AJAI ALAI AWAKENING

Kundalini Yoga Training with AJAI ALAI AWAKENING

18 January 2022


I am often asked what is special about our AJAI ALAI AWAKENING school.

Our work is based on several fundamental elements:

  • Respect for the Tradition. We consider that without REVERENCE for where we come from there is no possibility of growing on healthy bases because the reactivity of the subconscious will always take over. We respect the millennial lineage that has brought these teachings to us today. The gratitude of receiving this spiritual influx brings us closer to the wisdom of those great souls who have lived and integrated the teachings through the ages.
  • Collective intelligence. We are a TEAM of teachers: 3 lead trainers + a team of associate trainers. This allows us to reflect a wider range of teaching and allows students to not get hung up on the personality of a teacher but rather on the essence of the teachings. This collective intelligence always emerges within the groups thanks to residential situations and participation in morning practices (sadhana) and daily tasks (karma yoga).
  • Intuition and creativity. The teachings are never presented in the same way twice, they respond to the ENERGY OF THE INSTANT and the burning questions of the students. The kriyas are selected according to the themes that emerge from the group. The content is adapted according to the specific needs that are identified within the team of trainers. The manual is used as a basic resource for the participants but we use it very little as a support to avoid that the understanding is only mental but a lived experience.
  • Pedagogical follow-up. Our trainings are HUMAN SIZE: it is possible to interact, ask questions and the teachers are accessible. There is a follow-up in study groups between modules which allows for continuity and integration of the transformation that has taken place during the intensive weeks. An individual interview with a lead trainer takes place at the beginning and end of the training.
  • ASHRAM type immersion. We privilege PHYSICAL PRESENCE and full weeks for the modules. This allows us to dive much deeper into the transformation of the subconscious mind and to build strong bonds of trust within the group.
  • Live music. As much as possible we play the music live with the musicians present.

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