Personalized Yoga program & Vedic astrology

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Personalized Yoga Program & Vedic astrology

 After transmitting your date and place of birth, I will consult your Vedic astrology and tantric numerology charts. According to these two elements and the intuitive perception of your energetic structure, I will select for you targeted yoga practices: Kriya and/or meditations.
Then i will send  a summary of my observations and key areas that need your attention & a suggested practice in PDF by email. This will be followed by a 30 minute live interview by Zoom to present the practices and answer any questions you may have.

These practices will be adapted in their nature and duration to the specific balance of your 10 bodies according to the yogic anatomy and the flow of energy of the planets affecting your theme.

This type of consultation allows you to engage in a precise and personalized practice to benefit from the subtleties of yogic science.



Between 70 and 108 euros – Paypal

You decide how much you are ready to pay taking into account several elements: the quality of what you have received, the time spent, the market price for a similar service, your resources, your intuition.

It is a way of bringing more awareness to financial flows and the underlying energy.


By appointment in Paris or Zoom/ WhatsApp