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Intuitive 10 bodies reading & Yoga Program

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes
On the phone or by Zoom, I offer a reading of your energetic structure on the basis of Tantric Numerology, which is based on the yogic anatomy of the 10 bodies.

Our ten bodies are like a mandala that represents the different facets of our psyche.
We have our physical body, 3 mental bodies and our pranic body which establishes our vitality. The 3 spiritual bodies allow us to connect to our essence beyond time and space. The two “magnetic” bodies are at the interface between the subtle and dense bodies and determine our perception of ourselves and the world.

The balance of this mandala allows us to live completely in the world while not getting lost in it because we keep in touch with our essence. This is what is called living one’s destiny.

Yogic Numerology is a precious and precise tool to better understand the specificities of our incarnation and our life path. It allows us to identify through the dynamics of our ten bodies how to turn our challenges into resources.
We can exchange on a theme of your choice or simply on your theme in the broad sense.
Thanks to the calculation of your Numerology and the intuitive perception of your energetic structure, I will also select for you yoga practices: Kriya and / or meditations according to your constitution, your challenges and your life cycle.

These practices will be adapted in their nature and duration to the specific balance of your 10 bodies and the 5 pranas according to yogic anatomy.

This type of consultation allows you to know yourself better, to activate the keys of transformation within yourself and to engage in a precise and personalized practice in order to benefit from the subtleties of yogic science.



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