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WORDS, origin, meaning and impact.

The words are seeds, they are containers for a potential prana to unfold. Through our words we constantly reactualize the cosmic field we call GOD.  Each word, conscious or not   is a prayer sent to the universal Mind that will come back to us. 

In this way the universe is reflecting what we pretend to be  so we can be aware of who we really are.

Many things can be said about naad, the combination and permutation of sounds that produces the words which is independent of the meaning in most modern languages. This will have an impact on the quality of prana that is transmitted but we will not develop that today.

Let’s focus on the meaning of the words that is a piling up of many memories:

  • First, you have the memory of the original meaning, connection to the language from which the sound itself was formed. This meaning you can find partly in the dictionary when you look for the origin and birth of a word.  It gives like the ground energy of the word. Like a “Brahma” energy of the word.
  • Then in this word is contained the memory of all the times it has been used from its birth until now : contexts, associations, interpretations, personal & collective memories have been piled up on this word, those memories are the prana that sustained the word and its maintenance through time. We are deeply affected by them each time we pronounce it.  The word “GOD” for example is necessarily connected to religion and all the impact of the religious wars. This is the “Vishnu” aspect of the word
  • The last stage is how your personal story will filter and react to the piled up memories of this word so you decide if you want to use it or not to express who you are in the present moment. This is “Shiva”, the delivering or destroying phase 

In this reflection we realize that we only communicate through the filter of the past when we use words so how can communication be liberating?

Each word you speak unconsciously is a validation and multiplication of the pattern and memories associated through time to this word. We choose only the words we like and polarize ourselves constantly by doing that. it is a continuous way to crystallize the past karma.

But at the same time, How can I use words I don’t like as they don’t reflect who I am right now, this would sound fake J

We need to first digest our personal reactions to the memories of the words so we can make room to seed the word with an actualized meaning that resonates with our sensitivity of the moment.

This is called Healing the “words”, by doing that we clear the word and open up the field of thoughts that the universal mind can associate and send us when we produce that word.

It offers a possibility to experience a different kind of prana to each person using this word again. 

A word is a container of thought forms and the kind and quality of thoughts associated with each word is the responsibility of each of us.

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