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Fateh Ji

I met my first teachers Sewa and Dancin’ in 2001 in West Africa. From the former I received an intense, highly disciplined yoga with a martial flavour and from the latter a mystical connection with nature spirits & devotion through music. They introduced me to the art of prayer.

Upon my return from my travels, I was initiated into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and started a Kundalini Yoga teacher training with Karta Singh. His insightful words and his approach to the 5 elements medicine wheel inspired me a lot.

In 2006, during a stay in India, two Vedic sages awakened me to Agni, the sacred fire.
During a ritual offering to the Divine Mother in the presence of Shri Tathata, the ascending Shakti was activated and I opened myself to the light of the Vedas.   Then, while staying at Shri Aurobindo’s ashram, the descending force begins to work and I discover the yoga of the cells.

During a retreat in the Himalayas with Chandra Swami, the silent Yogi Udasi, I received the transmission of the Naam & my personal mantra, the sound itself became my Guru. My heart was set on fire and a shift took place, my perception of the world and my sense of identity were forever altered…

Since then, it is with Guru Dev Singh, a Mexican shaman who became a master of “Sat Nam Rasayan”, that I immerse myself in the Tantric current. In his presence, or should I say in his silence, I refine my “Listening”.

Several journeys and encounters give me the blessing of receiving precious spiritual heritages: the Vaishnave lineage, the red path, medicine drum, Shiva’s trident,  Sufis lineages …. An invitation to recognise and embrace all forms of connection to the divine. I feel today like a small dot deeply connected to this vast constellation of Truth seekers.

“Aquarian Faqir” is a way of naming this journey. A modern spirituality in resonance with the astrological era we are living in. A call to explore human nature and the world through a listening that is free from expectations. The “Faqir” voluntarily strips himself of all appearances and projections to make himself available to the essential.

My path progressively reveals a particular affinity with the MOON: reflection, cyclicity, reception, rhythm, change, organic pulsation, integration, memory, shadow work, nectar, subtlety and refinement….

This is confirmed by my theme in “Human Design” which names this profile “Reflector”. A very specific energetic structure that does not respond to the cycle of the Sun but is aligned with the lunar cycles.

Thus, my presence acts as an extra reflective mirror for the people I interact with! Not always comfortable because the lunar side is unfortunately often in the shadows and neglected in our society. For those who are ready to open up to change, I am happy to serve their alchemical process.

Today, my work consists in listening, reflecting, revealing and honouring this lunar facet by accompanying each one to :

  • Deepen their connection with themselves and their surroundings.
  • Find their own inner rhythm
  • Recognise one’s energy signature
  • Share and act from the inner self

Kundalini Yoga teacher training with the AAA school, thematic retreats or individual consultations are all meeting places to live and share the experience of this process.