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Soma Ayurveda

Soma is the nectar of the moon, this program of energetic and Ayurvedic care is very specific and personalized.
It is about helping you to find your energetic signature, your deep pulse, your right rhythm by finding your resonance with the Moon.
Particularly recommended for people who have recurring symptoms or who wish to act on the cellular memory to find a deep and lasting alignment.

The treatment is done in 3 sessions over a minimum period of 90 days:

1st SESSION: Verbal exchange to get to know you, to identify your background and your intentions. A specific and personalized practice will be proposed to you to open your psychic structure to the care which will take place in 2nd session.

2 nd SESSION: I rely on your birth themes and intuitive reading to establish the exact moment to perform SOMA YAGYA: the sacred fire ritual to establish the reconnection with the moon and its nectar.
An Ayurvedic preparation is prepared with the ashes of the sacred fire to which are added homemade Holy Ghee (clarified butter) and conscious beekeeping honey (essence chosen according to your energy structure).
The preparation (300 g) is sent by post in France (extra charge for sending it abroad). The preparation must be consumed every day for at least 40 days before the third session.

3 rd SESSION : Integration treatment to anchor the new alignment and to help release old habits and programs.


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