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Soma Ayurveda

My ayurvedic work is very specific, Soma is the nectar of the moon. It is a matter of preparing a 100% personalized remedy for you with a dosage adapted from:

  • your symptoms / objectives
  • Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
  • Your tantric numerology chart
  • The intuitive perception of your energy structure

Particularly recommended for people who have recurrent symptoms or who wish to act in depth on the cellular memory.
The remedy is then taken daily for 40, 90, 120 or 1001 days.

The treatment is done in several steps:

  • Interview to determine the priority of the axis of work. I rely on your birth themes and our exchanges.
  • According to the established objective, I decide on the exact moment that is most appropriate to perform a havan (sacred Vedic fire ritual) whose energy, offerings, mantras & astrological configuration are established specifically for you.
  • An ayurvedic preparation is then concocted with the ashes of the sacred fire to which are added homemade holy ghee (clarified butter), honey from gentle beekeeping whose essence is chosen according to the purpose and your energy structure.
  • The preparation (350/400 g) is sent by post in France (extra charge for sending abroad).
  • In addition to the preparation, I propose a daily yoga practice to facilitate the integration and activation of new energies within you.


Between 260 and 350 euros – Paypal

You decide the price within this range taking into account several elements: the quality of what you have received, the time spent, the market price for a similar service, your resources, your intuition.

It is a way of bringing more awareness of financial flows and the underlying energy.


By appointment in Paris or Zoom/ Whatsapp